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NEPSA 2021: APRIL 23-24


Below are the procedures, and the Code of Conduct, for the virtual

Annual Meeting of the New England Political Science Association


Each panel session has a unique Zoom link and passcode, which admits you to the main room for the session.  Within the main room are dedicated breakout rooms for each individual panel.

Please note: because the breakout rooms must be created contemporaneously when each session begins (i.e., they cannot be created in advance), you might not see the breakout rooms when you first enter a session.  If you do not see the breakout rooms, please wait a minute or two while they are created.


Once in the main session room, you may join any breakout room at any time; you do not need to be “admitted” to a breakout room.  You may exit and re-enter a breakout room at any time; you may also exit one room and enter a different room.

When the breakout rooms list appears in your Zoom application, it should say “join” at the end of each line delineating a breakout room.  If you do not see the word “join” but see a number instead … move your cursor over that number and hover it there for a moment; the number will then turn into the word “join.”


Panelists should not count on being able to “run long” by even a couple of minutes; each session will have to be shut down promptly so that the following session can be convened.

Panel chairs should keep in mind that if a presenter is sharing their screen, attempting to alert them to the end of their allotted time by sending a chat message will not work; the message cannot be seen during a screen-share.  In such a situation, chairs will have to unmute themselves and state that time is running out.


  • Please have your full name showing as your screen name.

  • In order to minimize background noise, please mute your audio during a presentation.  You will be able to unmute yourself during Q-and-A to ask a question.

  • Please make sure that the background to your video feed is professionally appropriate.

  • All conference attendees are expected to conduct themselves with the same level of civility and professionalism that they would exhibit at an in-person conference.

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