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Donations to the New England Political Science Association serve a number of important purposes:

  • They allow the Association to add new programs to the Annual Meeting, such as the reception at Touro Synagogue at the 2016 Meeting in Newport, RI.

  • They enable the Association to offer discounted registration rates for graduate and undergraduate students to attend the Annual Meeting.

  • They provide a crucial source of funding for NEPSA's annual awards for the best papers presented at the Annual Meeting: the John C. Donovan Prize (faculty), the Robert C. Wood Prize (graduate student), and the Wilson Carey McWilliams Prize (undergraduate).

To donate, please contact the NEPSA Treasurer directly:

Dr. Peter Ubertaccio

Stonehill College

(505) 565-1200


The New England Political Science Association is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Any donations are fully tax-deductible, as permitted by law.


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