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Newport Marriott ... Newport, Rhode Island

NEPSA 75 v2.png
NEPSA 75 v2.png
2024 presidents toast.jpg

Past NEPSA Presidents' champagne toast to NEPSA's 75th anniversary

L-R: M.J. Peterson (2006), Jean Yarbrough (2005), Mark Graber (2012), Anne Marie Cammisa (2021), Scott McLean (2024)

Kevin McMahon (2022), R. Shep Melnick (2001), James Morone (2003), Garrison Nelson (1992), Wilbur Rich (2009), June Speakman (2017)

2024 McLean 1.jpg

NEPSA President Scott McLean

welcomes guests to the Friday luncheon

2024 posters.jpg

past program covers display

for NEPSA's 75th anniversary

2024 Whitehouse 2.jpg

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) addresses the Friday luncheon via Zoom

2024 DellaVolpe 1.jpg
2024 DellaVolpe 2.jpg

John Della Volpe, Director of Polling, Harvard Kennedy School of Politics, addresses the Saturday luncheon

2024 BestFacPaper.jpg

presentation of the

John C. Donovan Prize

for Best Faculty Paper at the

2023 NEPSA conference to

Erin O'Brien and Jane JaKyung Han

2024 BestUndPaper.jpg

presentation of  the

Wilson Carey McWilliams Prize

for Best Undergraduate Paper at the

2023 NEPSA conference to

Alyssa Stankevitz

(accepted by her faculty advisor, Chris Galdieri)

2024 gavel.jpg

NEPSA President Scott McLean

passes the gavel to the

2024 NEPSA President,

Amy Fried (University of Maine)

2024 McLean 2.jpg

"Hotel issue?  WHAT hotel issue?"

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